Our affiliate program

We offer you a very profitable affiliate program which allows you to earn money with Projection Finance, Inc.

How does this work?
The affiliate program allows you to earn 7% on the investments made by people you have referred to Projection Finance, Inc. The link must look like: http://www.projectionfinance.com/?ref=XXXXXX(YY) - where XXXXX is your e-currencies account number and YY is your e-currency abbreviation. The referral bonus will be paid directly into your account within 24 hours after your referral(s) deposit has been made.

For example:

Liberty Reserve - http://www.projectionfinance.com/?ref=U1234567(LR)
PerfectMoney - http://www.projectionfinance.com/?ref=U1234567(PM)
AlertPay - http://www.projectionfinance.com/[email protected](AP)

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